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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The Board and Members of PNG Tourism Industry Association (PNGTIA) would like to congratulate Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo for being appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of PNG Tourism Promotion Authority.

As the peak body that bridges the gap between the Tourism Industry in Papua New Guinea and the government, it has always been our interest to ensure that the voice of the industry is heard and adequately represented.

Whilst the events in recent times, particularly Covid-19 and its subsequent restrictions has hit the tourism industry to an old-time low, your appointment is seen as a breath of fresh air and the dawn of a new era as the industry slowly raises from its current devastation.

We thank and respect the Marape-Basil Government and our good Tourism, Arts & Culture Minister, Hon. Walter Schnaubelt for having confidence in you and thus appointing you to lead the Tourism Industry for the next 4 years. We believe that, with your commitment, skills, experience and most importantly diligence, you will bring great value not only to TPA as the state agency mandated to oversee tourism development & promotion but also to the hardworking individuals and businesses that make up the tourism industry right across the country.

The tourism industry is ready to work with you and give you our continued and undivided support to TPA.

On that same token, we also take this time to sincerely thank the outgoing CEO, Mr Jerry Agus for his contribution towards the Tourism Industry particularly through PNGTIA as the representative of the industry.

With that, welcome on board and we look forward to working in collaboration as tourism is everyone’s business.

Board and Members of PNGTIA.


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