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The Board and Members of PNG Tourism Industry Association (PNGTIA) would like to congratulate Mr. Eric Mossman Uvovo for being appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of PNG Tourism Promotion Authority.

As the peak body that bridges the gap between the Tourism Industry in Papua New Guinea and the government, it has always been our interest to ensure that the voice of the industry is heard and adequately represented.


Whilst the events in recent times, particularly Covid-19 and its subsequent restrictions has hit the tourism industry to an old-time low, your appointment is seen as a breath of fresh air and the dawn of a new era as the industry slowly raises from its current devastation.


We thank and respect the Marape-Basil Government and our good Tourism, Arts & Culture Minister, Hon. Walter Schnaubelt for having confidence in you and thus appointing you to lead the Tourism Industry for the next 4 years. We believe that, with your commitment, skills, experience and most importantly diligence, you will bring great value not only to TPA as the state agency mandated to oversee tourism development & promotion but also to the hardworking individuals and businesses that make up the tourism industry right across the country.

The tourism industry is ready to work with you and give you our continued and undivided support to TPA.


On that same token, we also take this time to sincerely thank the outgoing CEO, Mr Jerry Agus for his contribution towards the Tourism Industry particularly through PNGTIA as the representative of the industry.


With that, welcome on board and we look forward to working in collaboration as tourism is everyone’s business.


Board and Members of PNGTIA.



Following the feedback received from industry operators after the first round of training on Digital Marketing (Introductory to Digital Marketing), the Pacific Island Trade & Investment, Australia had partnered with leading experts to further develop an advanced series on the same subject.

The subjects on this Advances Digital Training Module included the following;

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SOE) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  2. Content Marketing

  3. Distribution Strategies

  4. Payment Solutions


The purpose of this advanced module is to continue to build the knowledge and skills of tourism operators right across the Pacific.

Due to the on-going Covid-19 restrictions, the training was delivered virtually through Zoom to all the South Pacific Tourism Countries which included PNG. 

The training was provided by leading industry experts with the likes of Mr. Tom Nguyen - Managing Director for Syndacast, Ms. Katie Smith – Director for Counterpoint, Mr. Len Cordiner – CEO and Founder for World Hotel Links and Mr. Sam Rutledge – General Manager for Kovena.

The training spanned for 4 weeks and was received with a great amount of feedback that followed at the conclusion of the training on 4th November 2020.

The follow-up action from this training will be the development of websites for participating tourism operators and their business, funded by Pacific Island Trade & Investment, Australia.



Tupira Surf Club at Ulingan beach, North coast of Madang, recently hosted the Madang Province PEC Meeting. As covid continues to hit local tourism operators and force them to readjust their business models to cater for opportunities that arise domestically, Tupira Surf Club managed by the Kirriwom family was no except.


Tupira Surf Club was a project between SAPNG and Justice Nicholas Kirriwom which 12 years on is a thriving success and a testimony of how things can be done and should be done in partnership with the traditional resource custodians and host communities.


Custodians now have an income from cocoa, copra and surf tourism as all income goes back to the communities working with SAPNG and wholesalers around the world.


SAPNG's Surf Management levies are charged to all inbound surfers are used to pay for education fees for students around the surf management area communities, health facilities and many community initiatives.


Tupira Surf Club was the host for SAPNG 2011 National Surf Championships and Inaugural 2017 PNG Kumul World Longboard Championship that was steamed live for a week to 120 million viewers around the world.


NB: Courtesy of SAPNG.



THE National Development Bank Ltd says its customers impacted by Covid-19 impacts can request a deferral on loan repayments for up to three months.

Managing director Moses Liu said this in a statement yesterday when announcing a support package for its small and medium enterprise (SME) customers. Liu said this could include both principal plus interest payments allowing customers to divert funds into keeping their business operational.

Key points of the support package included:
- Approval of up to three months’ repayment holiday to all customers affected by Covid-19;
- Customers can decide to continue with their current repayment structure after the repayment holiday period or they can choose to increase their repayments to reduce the loan term; and,
- No variations or late payment fees will be charged during this time and there won’t be any impact on their credit standing with Credit and Data Bureau during this period of uncertainty.

Liu said NDB would continue to be accessible to provide financial services at this time with branches operational. If changes occur with the operational hours of branches and NDB businesses, customers would be notified through branches and social media.

“Our package supports PNG businesses and the people who work for them,” he said. “We understand the impact this crisis is having and NDB will play a major role in backing PNG’s economy and our customers through these challenging times.”

This is the link to download the Hardship Assistance Form