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Tourism Industry Technical Working Group (TWG)

In 2021, as a response to the devastating impact of the pandemic on our industry, PNGTIA resolved to form a Technical Working Group (TWG) to discuss how best to restart, rethink and regulate the future of PNG tourism in the face of the pandemic.

The composition of the TWG members includes PNG TPA, Immigration, Customs, NAC, PNG IPA, IRC, PNG Air, Air Niugini, PNG DA, SAPNG and tourism industry members. Chairperson is Mr Andrew C. Abel, ML and Deputy Chairperson is Ms Ingrid Kuman. PNG TIA provides Secretariat services.

Together with industry and government members, a key achievement of the TWG to date are Tourism Industry Protocols developed as our approach to addressing the Covid 19 pandemic and a return to normalcy for the industry. In consideration of the recent reopening of PNG’s borders for international inbound travelers and the Visa restrictions in place, however, we also advocate for exemptions on VOA to be lifted for a full return to normalcy for the industry.


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